This website is a story, unfolding over time through updates, blog posts, project links, and other information that one might also find in a Professional Portfolio. This site is the story of how my current profession is transpiring. I say “current” profession because, not unlike everyone else these days, I am embarking on perhaps my fourth career.

So who am I? My name is Andréa (On-dray-uh). I am an academic, an author, a researcher, an historian, an archivist, a caregiver, a sister, a daughter, a cat mom, a friend, a fighter, and a soul searcher. I am a badass word ninja and book nerd fueled by local coffee, fresh air, and all things creative.

My interests are rich and varied and in part I am using this site to acknowledge all of my interests after a lifetime of segregating personal from professional, aspiring from practiced. These are the things I am currently developing (in no particular order): travel writing; freelance communication consulting; archiving in manuscripts and special collections; novel writing; academic writing, researching, and presenting; caregiving; traveling; grieving.