FINALLY! Metamorphosis: The Effects of Professional Dev…


After YEARS of waiting for this collection while it was with the publisher, the collection is finally out!

    Preface…..Trixie G. Smith

    Introduction: “Exigency and Unintended Consequences”…..Andrea D. Davis

    Chpt 1: “Re-membering and Re-locating: Navigating a Shifting Sense of Space, Place, and Self as a Graduate Student”…..Marilee Brooks-Gillies

    Chpt2: “Life on the Limen: Writing Teachers Negotiate Personal Identities and Professional Developmet”…..Rebecca Hayes, Katie Manthey, Craig Rood, and Kelly Sassi

    Chpt3: “Mine, Yours, and Ours: Developing Collaborative Relationships in the Academic Sphere”…..Lorelei Blackburn and Melanie Yergeau

    Chpt4: “Kairotic Gaze/Gays: LGBTQ Identity and Graduate Student Professionalization in Rhetoric and Writing Studies”…..Travis Webster and Matthew Cox

    Chpt5: “Becoming an Academic: Class and the Hidden Dangers of Intellectual Labor”…..Michele Fero

    Chpt6: “Gettin’ Professionally developed: Learnin’ Graduate School Literacies Through the McNair Scholars Program”…..Suzanne Webb

    Chpt7: “Every Mad Scientist Needs a Tower, a Monster, and a Telegraph Wire: Blogs as Research and Pedagogy Laboratories for Graduate Students”…..Krista Kennedy and Derek Mueller

    Chpt8: “Learning at the Edge: Training for Transformation in Graduate School”…..Shana West

    Chpt9: “No Magic Bullet: The Conflicted Process of Grad Student Professional Development”…..David Nentwick

    Chpt10: “A Graduate Student as Journal Editor: Negotiating Professional Influence and Scholarly Identity”…..Steven E. Gump

    Chpt11: “Professionalization from Below: Assembling Graduate Students During a Transition”…..Gregory J. Schneider

    Chpt12: “Crossing the Borders of Professional Practice through Initiative, Interaction, and Participation”…..Paul M. Rogers

    Afterword: “Professional Development as Design: the Artful Process of Becoming”…..David Nentwick

Available from Fountainhead Press.

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