This is a story…

Actually, all my life is about story. I live it, write it, read it, chase it, study it. Story is theory. Story is life. Story is our DNA. It is our cultural memories encoded at the cellular level. It is how we make sense of the world around us. Story is breath. Story is meditation. Sometimes story is wisdom. Sometimes it is folly. Story is the common denominator among all peoples.

Storytelling, for me, is a rhetorical-material discursive formation that uses and/or produces culturally relevant codes. In this sense, it is an embodied rhetoric in which the “particularities of linguistic culture, historical moment, and social responsibility” become explicit through various semiotic modes of expression (Kates, 1997, p. 61). Stories are the accumulation of situated knowledge that shape, influence, and produce identity and representation (Maracle, 1994).

This website is certainly a story, unfolding over time through updates, blog posts, project links, and other information that one might also find in a Professional Portfolio. This site is the story of how my current profession is transpiring. I say “current” profession because, not unlike everyone else these days, I am embarking on perhaps my fourth career.

So who am I? My name is Andréa (On-dray-uh). I am an academic, an author, a researcher, an historian, an archivist, a caregiver, a sister, a daughter, a cat mom, a friend, a fighter, and a soul searcher.

My interests are rich and varied and in part I am using this site to acknowledge all of my interests after a lifetime of segregating personal from professional, aspiring from practiced. These are the things I am currently developing (in no particular order): travel writing; freelance communication consulting; archiving in manuscripts and special collections; novel writing; academic writing, researching, and presenting; caregiving; traveling; grieving.